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Achieving a Positive Divorce Agreement

When you are interested in dissolving your marriage, there are several aspects that you must consider beyond splitting the union between you and your spouse. For example, if there are minor children involved, you must think about the issues of child custody and child support. Additionally, most marriages involve some sort of marital property that has to be divided between the two partners. In cases where one spouse was the domestic partner who took care of the home and/or children, sometimes you must also think about alimony/spousal support.

All of these factors can become overwhelming if you are already dealing with such an emotional and upsetting situation. When you need help, you can count on an Orange County divorce lawyer at The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman to provide you with compassionate, stable and effective legal counsel and representation. When you need what's best for you and your family, you can trust our legal team to advocate your best interests throughout the entire situation.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in California

Not all divorces are resolved in court. Most couples are able to complete uncontested divorces, avoiding the expense, time and stress of a contested divorce in court. However, this requires you and your spouse to agree on all issues involved with your case, including custody, support and property. This is why it is still helpful to work with an attorney regardless of the circumstances of your case and whether it is resolved inside or outside of the courtroom. A skilled divorce lawyer in Orange County can work to protect your legal rights and interests in order to seek the best possible outcome through negotiation, mediation or litigation. In general, avoiding court is a more effective option for most couples.

The following are reasons to consider an uncontested divorce:

  • Considerably cheaper than settling in court
  • Less time spent on divorce
  • Reduced stress
  • Limited strain on relationship with spouse
  • Limited trauma your children may experience

To find out more about your options in this regard, we recommend contacting an attorney at our firm at your earliest convenience. We can help you make the right choices for your particular case.

Why hire a divorce lawyer?

If you and your spouse are considering settling your divorce without a lawyer, you could run into a multitude of problems. Expert advice will help both of you obtain everything you deserve from the divorce. State divorce laws don't always guarantee an equal split of assets and debts, and if complicated issues such as inheritance, child support and child custody exist between both parties, your lawyer can help to ensure that you receive a fair share. Even if you and your spouse are on agreeable terms, divorce can be an extremely trying process.

Delicate matters involving child custody or child support can turn a friendly sit down into a battle royale. Hiring an Orange County divorce lawyer will create a stress-free divorce environment. The process is stressful enough; let a divorce lawyer handle all the legal ins and outs. The two reasons married couples make mistakes in a lawyer-less divorce are the stress brought on by the process and complications brought on by the legal system. If you accidentally forget to include a particular medical bill or loan documentation in your settlement agreement, this could cause significant problems.

An attorney will make sure that all of the details are tended to and the proper paperwork is presented to the court. You and your spouse may agree 100% on the written settlement agreement, but if it is not written in such a way that the judge understands or accepts, he or she may issue a divorce decree that goes against what you and your spouse initially agreed upon. Our divorce attorneys are familiar with all the different forms and paperwork that are needed to complete the process. If you go to court without legal counsel, any issues with this paperwork could cause significant delays.

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Every divorce is different. For example, because California is a community property state, you can expect that your marital assets will be split equally upon dissolution of marriage. However, there can be serious contention as to which property is marital and which is not. With the help of your attorney, you can definitively handle these situations in a manner that is always advocating your best interests.

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