Frequently Asked Questions: Criminal Defense

Why do I need an attorney?
When you are faced with criminal charges, it is very important that you do everything necessary to combat those accusations and fight for your rights and your freedom. With the help of an Orange County criminal defense lawyer from The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman, you can take the steps necessary to defend yourself in the best way possible.

What do I do if I know I am going to be charged with a crime?
Even if you have not yet been formally charged, it is still in your best interests to speak with an attorney. If you are worried that you are going to face criminal charges, your lawyer can help to begin your defense at any point. With careful research and investigation in every aspect of your case, your lawyer can build a solid defense on your behalf.

What is a strike crime?
California has a "three strikes" law that is geared to punish repeat criminal offenders. If you are convicted of a violent crime or a serious felony, you will receive a "strike" on your record. If you are convicted of subsequent crimes, you will receive enhanced punishment. Examples of strike crimes are murder, manslaughter, various types of assault, kidnapping, robbery, certain theft crimes, certain drug crimes, attempted murder, mayhem and arson.

What if I have a prior criminal record?
Depending upon your unique circumstances, you could be forced to suffer enhanced punishments if you have previously been convicted of a crime. If you have questions about what you can expect from your criminal case, the experienced legal team at the firm stands ready to help you.

Will I have to register as a sex offender?
If you are convicted of certain sexual offenses, yes. Sex offender registration can be very detrimental to your life as you know it. For example, you could find it difficult to find appropriate housing or employment. With the help of a seasoned criminal attorney, you can take the necessary steps to defend yourself against charges that could result in mandatory sex offender registration.

What if I am innocent? Do I still need a lawyer?
It is arguably even more important to have the help of an attorney when you are accused of a crime that you did not commit. Many people make the mistake of believing that they can explain the circumstances of the situation to the police or other law enforcement and criminal justice agents. Unfortunately, these people hear claims of innocence all day long and are not necessarily going to believe you. Your defense lawyer will be able to work to protect you in order to help ensure that an innocent doesn't go to prison.

What are your areas of practice?
At their firm, they are prepared to help clients with cases of all kinds. For example, they are prepared to help clients who facing criminal charges of DUI, domestic violence, sex crimes, white collar crimes, weapons crimes, juvenile crimes and federal crimes. They are even able to help clients to deal with the complex and delicate situation of appeals. To learn more, call!

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