Orange County Drug Possession Lawyer

According to §11350 of the Health and Safety Code, it is considered a criminal act to be possession of a controlled substance in the state of California. This, however, is not a blanket term. In fact, the word "possession" actually refers to three separate acts, each of which will carry with it different penalties and different nuances within the actual case. These include:

  • Actual Possession: This refers to the possession of a drug that was actually found to be on your person and in your direct control. For instance, this could be mean that it was found in your pocket or in your purse. In some cases, it even means drugs that being hidden within a body cavity.
  • Constructive Possession: This is trickier to prosecute as it means that the drugs were not on your person, but were in a place that is generally considered to be under your control. This could mean, for example, that drugs were found in your home.
  • Joint Possession: This is probably the most difficult to prosecute. Joint possession refers to drugs that were found in a place that you share control – no matter whether that means actual or constructive.

Defending Against Drug Offenses

If you have recently been criminally charged with possessing a controlled substance, it is highly encouraged that you seek the legal counsel of an aggressive Orange County criminal defense lawyer that you fully trust. There are several defenses that can be utilized in the attempt to help you obtain the just outcome that you fully deserve. Even if there is reason to believe that receiving an acquittal is out of the question, you need to be confident that you have a hard-hitting attorney on your side that will be able to relentlessly fight for a reduction of the charges or associated penalties.

At The Law Office of Bruce Bridgman, they recognize what is on the line when they are dealing with a criminal case dealing with a drug offense. Should you choose to be represented by their legal team, you will be able to be confident knowing that you will have a heavyweight advocate on your side that will go the distance in their efforts to protect your rights. These cases are complex and to ensure that your rights are being protected to the full extent of the law, you need to work with an attorney that fully understands it. You can trust that this is exactly what you will receive should you work with their firm.

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