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In the state of California, there has been adopted a law to help put an end to underage drinking and driving. Simply known as the Zero Tolerance Law, this piece of legislation follows up on its promise – making the penalties associated with this type of criminal charge to be absolutely ruthlessly. For a driver under the legal drinking age of 21, even the slightest trace of alcohol could have them slapped with relentless criminal penalties. For a first offense, an underage driver will have their license suspended for a year if they have broken any of the follow provisions:

  • Driving with a BAC that is 0.1% or higher;
  • Refusing to take a preliminary alcohol screening test; or
  • Failing to complete the PAS test

Underage DUI – California's Zero Tolerance Law

If you or your child has recently been criminally charged with a DUI, it is highly encouraged that you do not hesitate to contact a hard-hitting lawyer that you can trust to help you protect your best interests. At The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman, they know what is on the line with a criminal offense of this nature and they are prepared to go the distance to help you build the strongest case possible. Even in situations where it might be impossible to get an acquittal, you can trust that they will do everything possible to help you get the charges reduced or the penalties lowered. Call today to learn more about how they can help you!

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