Field Sobriety Tests

Explained by an Orange County DUI Lawyer

A field sobriety test may be administered if a police officer suspects you have been driving under the influence. Field sobriety tests take on several forms and can include the horizontal gaze method, the walk-and-turn, or the one-leg stand. Even though it may seem like failing a field sobriety test cannot be disputed, there are actually many ways to challenge a sobriety test. An experienced DUI attorney can assess your particular case to determine if the circumstances surrounding your field sobriety test can be used as a defense.

Factors Affecting Field Sobriety Tests

There are many factors at play when a field sobriety test is administered. To start, any person who has just been pulled over by a police officer will likely be nervous or unsure as to the reason for the stop. This can greatly affect the driver's reaction times, ability to follow even simple directions, and general coordination. Therefore, a driver's inability to pass a field sobriety test is not necessarily an indication of his or her intoxication level. Other tests, such as a breath test or blood test, must be used to determine the level of blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Some additional aspects that may affect the results of a field sobriety test include poor weather conditions, driver fatigue, clarity of instructions given by the officer, age of the driver, and ability of the driver to accurately comprehend and perform the tasks being given.

A lawyer from the firm will be able to determine if your field sobriety test is grounds for a DUI conviction. They may be able to prepare a defense that uses details from the field sobriety test you received to fight for lesser penalties or perhaps even a case dismissal. It is important to talk to a DUI attorney at The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman as soon as possible to begin working to build a defense for your case. The legal experience of their Orange County DUI attorneys, coupled with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, means you can have the upmost confidence in entrusting them with your DUI charges.

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