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Civil disputes can leave you and your associates feeling upset and anxious about certain aspects of your business or personal relationship. If you have attempted resolution without success, there is always the option of pursuing a civil lawsuit against the offending individual or company.

In situations involving these types of disagreements, the most common situation involves one of the parties involve refusing to live up to their end of the accord. If you are interested in definitively ensuring that your rights are upheld in the matter, you should speak with an attorney right away.

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Types of Civil Lawsuits We Handle

This law firm handles a wide range of lawsuits as a means of resolving disputes. Some of the most common types of cases this firm sees are those involving business litigation or commercial disputes.

Business infrastructures are complex and can be difficult to dissect and understand. This firm will take pains to not only understand your case but bring about the resolution you deserve. In the same vein, we also deal with partnership disputes.

If your company is structured as a partnership, but you and your partner no longer have the same vision for your company, what do you do? Our firm can take on your case to ensure that your business is unharmed while your partnership is either successfully dissolved or the dispute is otherwise resolved.

You may also be in the process of buying or selling real estate. Since real estate transactions involve contracts and agreements that can often prove complex, you may need a lawyer to hammer out the details to ensure that both parties are being treated fairly.

Similarly, you may be in the construction industry either as:

  • A contractor
  • A subcontractor
  • Or someone working in an adjacent occupation

Whether you are being wrongfully held liable for a defect or your work is being halted because of a breach of contract, consider our firm as the one to call to resolve this dispute.

Have you been in a recent disagreement regarding your work contract? Contract disputes can negatively affect your life and the future of your business; therefore they must be taken seriously. In California, contracts are legal documents that are binding under state law.

Mr. Bridgman's team of seasoned lawyers is efficient in handling contract disputes throughout California. With a working knowledge of the laws that can help you, Mr. Bridgman's law firm will make sure that you get back to work in a timely manner so that you can continue with your life.

Even if you have never considered filing a lawsuit against another person or company, sometimes it is the only way to enforce an agreement so that you aren’t treated unjustly.

The California court system is there to serve you and individuals with problems just like yours – if you are having trouble getting a business partner, company, or other individuals to maintain their agreements in a matter in which you are both involved, you can get the help you need.

Civil Lawsuits in Orange County

A business dispute, real estate issue, construction dispute, or other similar disagreements can wreak havoc on your life. These types of problems can affect so much more than just your business or place of residence.

Your finances, your ability to continue on in a business venture, and even your family can be greatly affected by such civil disputes. With the help of an experienced litigator at The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman, you can get the help that you need to find a desirable resolution to your problem.

When you go to court, you want to be sure that your attorney is experienced and confident in his or her ability to handle your case. Mr. Bridgman’s legal team has decades of combined experience and is fully prepared to efficiently deal with every aspect of your civil suit.

When you need a competent and knowledgeable advocate for your rights, you can count on a legal professional at Mr. Bridgman’s law firm. You will always receive expedient service and your attorney will fight tirelessly on your behalf. Contact an Orange County civil litigation lawyer at The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman today to discuss your civil lawsuit in California.

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