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Why Use an Attorney for your Loan Modification?

As is obvious with our current economy, millions of Americans are currently facing foreclosure. California is one of the hardest hit states in the nation, with a skyrocketing foreclosure rate. Sadly, if you are one of them you may attempt to get a loan modification from your bank on your own, however you will find it extremely frustrating if not impossible. You will find overwhelmed customer service lines, with the person answering your call knowing little about the process themselves. You will be given incorrect information, your calls will be disconnected, and the paperwork you so carefully put together and sent will be lost.

If this sounds too terrible to be true, you may attempt to reach some type of an agreement with your lender. With our experience, we can tell you that you have little hope of obtaining a good loan modification on your own. Whether these tactics are intentional on the part of your lender or merely due to the volume of calls they are receiving, the end result is you do not have the loan modification you need. An experienced and knowledgeable California loan modification attorney, however, knows the exact procedures in order to gain their cooperation and obtain a loan mod that will work for you.

You deserve a thorough review of your loan documents to determine if you qualify for a loan modification that will allow you to remain in your home. At The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman, we have highly skilled staff that is quite familiar with the procedures that need to be taken in order to reach the correct departments and obtain the needed relief on your mortgage. We can do the lengthy process, get past the barriers and obtain assistance from your overwhelming mortgage payments into something you can live with.

California Loan Modification Lawyer

We have been told by many of our clients that they were offered loan modifications by their lenders. However, when it came down to the details, the majority of our clients were not helped by the new terms offered to them. It takes an aggressive and dedicated attorney working on your behalf to obtain the type of loan modification that can lead to a decrease in your interest rate, a lowering of your principal balance and a reduction of your monthly payments. Once a lender is contacted by our attorneys, they know they will not be able to offer us a plan that is not likely to be accepted. Your chance of success in being able to keep your home and save it from foreclosure increases significantly when you have Attorney Bridgman by your side. We encourage you to contact our caring and capable staff to assist you. Having our office represent you could save you a considerable amount of money, as well as your home.

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