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California is one of the leading states in the nation with a large foreclosure problem. In order to prevent more homeowners from foreclosing, the United States government has issued several plans to help individuals to avoid the problem. One of the plans is called the Hope For Homeowners Plan, which unfortunately has helped very few people. Another plan that was recently issued is being called the Obama Plan, with very specific criteria for qualifying. Again, very few lenders are actually providing this plan to their borrowers, with few modifications actually going through. In this environment, you need a highly experienced California Loan Modification attorney to assist you in preventing the loss of your home through foreclosure.

When you fall behind on your mortgage you will receive monthly late notices with penalties included. Following your third late payment, you may receive a Notice of Default by the fourth month. The next step will be a Notice of Foreclosure, followed within approximately thirty days by a Notice of Sale. However, with the increased number of foreclosures occurring in California, many banks are not following up on the sale of your home for several months.

California Lawyer for Loan Modifications

In order to ensure the possibility of preventing your foreclosure, you need to act now by contacting our office. Our attorneys are trained in aggressive negotiation techniques and have extensive experience negotiating mortgage loan modifications with California lenders. We will provide you with all possible options for your personal situation, in order to either save your home or provide you with relief from the overwhelming debt, should you not qualify or wish to keep your home. Some other options you have include Short Pay Refinance, Short Sale, deed-in-lieu, Special Forbearance, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. When we meet with you for your free consultation we will present you with the options our mortgage loan modification staff believes will best suit your individual financial hardship to help you in foreclosure prevention.

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