Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure in Orange County

What is deed in lieu?

If your loan is in default and your home is in danger of foreclosure, you have an option of giving the deed in lieu of going through foreclosure. This process basically will involve the homeowner giving the property to the mortgage lender in order to settle the defaulted mortgage or loan. If this is an option that you are willing to consider in order to avoid foreclosure, you should speak with a qualified attorney who is familiar with “deed in lieu” procedure. At The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman, the experienced deed in lieu attorneys can give you the help that you need.

Sometimes when an individual or family is facing foreclosure and bankruptcy isn’t an option, the best course of action is to go through with a deed in lieu process. Your Orange County deed in lieu lawyer will help you through the entire procedure in which you transfer the ownership of your home over to the lender. An attorney’s assistance and professional counsel is always desirable in this type of situation to ensure that your rights are fully protected throughout the process.

The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman – Bankruptcy Attorney

When foreclosure is impending, it is important that you do something about the situation. If other options such as debt consolidation, loan modification, bankruptcy, short sale or other solutions are not workable for you, there is always the deed in lieu route that you can pursue.

Mr. Bridgman’s lawyers are dedicated to providing you with excellent services no matter what your situation is. He and his team understand that it is often difficult and emotional to lose your home. That is why they will always treat you with the respect and compassion that you deserve throughout the duration of your case. When you are looking for a lawyer who will answer your questions, reply to your concerns and advise you appropriately, The Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman is the firm for you.

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