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Unlike assault which only requires that a defendant attempt to injure a victim, battery is legally defined in §242 in the 2010 California Penal Code as actually using force and violence on another person. Due to the actual aftermath of battery, the penalties are even more severe than assault charges. According to §243, the penalties for a successful conviction will include the following:

  • A monetary fine up to $2000; and
  • Imprisonment for up to six months

It is important to realize that the charges for both violent crimes of assault and battery have penalties that can be elevated depending on the victim of the attack. For example, should the battery have been committed against a peace officer, the defendant could be facing an imprisonment term for up to a year – almost doubling the maximum time allowed for incarceration.

Have you been criminally charged with battery?

Dealing with the possibility of conviction is never a simple thing to face. In fact, it can be downright terrifying. To ensure that you have the hard-hitting and comprehensive assistance that you can truly rely on, it is extremely important that you do not hesitate to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer that you can fully trust.

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