Bruce C. Bridgman

Orange County Attorney

Bruce C.BridgmanBruce C. Bridgman has more than three decades of legal experience. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he obtained a law degree from UCLA Law School. After graduation, he worked as a Los Angeles and Orange County Deputy District Attorney, eventually moving into private practice. Mr. Bridgman has coauthored a college textbook about arrest laws and penned a multitude of training materials and papers about trial skills and various other legal issues. Mr. Bridgman has worked as an instructor, offering training classes for police agencies, lawyers and prosecutors. He served on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Bar Association and as President of the local bar association. In the past, Mr. Bridgman worked with some of the most publicized legal cases in California. Today, he serves clients in Orange County as a top-notch lawyer. Mr. Bridgman is passionate about the law and always strives to give his clients the best legal representation he can offer.

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